Marc van der Voorn

Theodoor = Together

Theodoor = Together

Let's create enjoyables

I often get the question, where does the Th. stands for in your name and why do you explicitly use it?

Theodoor is my second name and refers to my grandfather, a man I admire and who inspired me as a young person. He gently taught me and showed me some core values I live by. His personality was one of patience and distinctness, a true gentleman. The Th. reminds me of those values.

It also makes me aware we all have the power to inspire people and that our messages should be clear and reaching out.

So there is a story behind the Th. and like every story it wants to be told. Invite me, challenge me and surprise me. I like people who are curious and ask me questions, it is essential to start a conversation, but more importantly, we need to be curious and open minded to be able to work and create together.