Marc van der Voorn

Mist lamp

Mist lamp

for AAN-UIT - 2012

AAN-UIT launched the MIST series. A lamp that transforms when the light is turned on. The print inside the shades is invisible when the light is off. When turned on, the shade lights up and the rich colors emerge.
The MIST comes in two shapes and three beautiful color gradients.

Narrow: Ø 32 / 42 - hight 36 cm
Straight: Ø 50 cm - hight 28 cm
Pink - Blue | Yellow - Blue | Grey - White

* Download the MIST brochure here

The MIST lamp costs 190 (straight version) and 215 euro (narrow version). This price includes shipment within The Netherlands.

The rest of the world...
It’s a small world after all, and shipping the MIST lamp is no problem. Please get in touch with me through the contact-form and within a few days an order is on it’s way to you. You pay a little extra for the transport.

Visit the following webshop when you live in The Netherlands and like to order a MIST lamp:

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Mist Blue-Pink at the Toonkamer
Mist Blue-Yellow at the Toonkamer