Marc van der Voorn

WIRE chair

WIRE chair

for Creafort - 2018

Together with furniture brand Creafort (Gouda) I launched the WIRE family. A series of three models. The dining chair was chosen by Sam Piscaer and Martijn Rootring for their new restaurant Fnidsen in Alkmaar. The comfort is great, ideal for ‘wining and dining’.

Besides the restaurant, they have three hotel suites which are located right above the restaurant.

Realization: Breddels architectsJacco Bakker - Images by Anne van der Steen

For more information visit the Creafort website.

If you have any questions, please use the contact-form to get in touch with me. I'm willing to help you obtain your WIRE for your home, office, hotel or restaurant.

3D Warehouse - SketchUp
Like to add the WIRE to your project? Download the 3D file here.

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Be seated...
The beautiful facade of restaurant Fnidsen
The Wire bar stool