Marc van der Voorn

Slide mirror – Double

Slide mirror – Double

for DeKnudt Mirrors - 2013

For DeKnudt mirrors (BE) I came up with the Slide mirror series. A range of three mirrors, one floor mirror and two wall mirrors. The construction is its best detail, so have a look at the making of video below.

Download the Slide brochure here

Brand: DeKnudt Mirrors
Year: 2013

Dimensions 'floor': 40 x 30 x 170-30 cm
Dimensions 'round': 120 x 10 x Ø60 cm
Dimensions 'double': 80 x 10 x 75-30 cm

The Slide mirror series was in collection for 7 years at DeKnudt mirrors (2013 - 2020). I you like the design we can talk about re-introducing the Slide family. Please send me a message through the contact form.

3D Warehouse - SketchUp
Like to add the Slide mirror to your home or project? Download the 3D file here.

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Construction detail
Making of video