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Notes side table

Notes side table

Creafort - 2018

A coffee table you can play around with, a family with an ‘edge’. NOTES side tables are now available at Creafort. - (Previous known as 'Stitch' - Odesi 2018-2021)
A table with an asymmetrical frame that embraces the tabletop on one side, dividing it. You can stack or overlap them which gives you lots of options.

The tabletops come in two flavors; beautifully grained oak and slick Fenix (mat black) all with their own edge finish.

The main idea is mix and match. Combine a rectangular oak table with a round Fenix table.

The NOTES side tables are exclusively available at

If you have any questions, please use the contact form to get in touch with me. I'm willing to help you obtain your Notes for your home or office.

(Previous known as 'Stitch' - Odesi 2018-2021)

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