Marc van der Voorn

EPIC chair

EPIC chair

for Z-editions (BE) 2016

The EPIC chair is all about perseverance. Which resulted in the distinctive back of the EPIC chair. It literally splits the frame in two. A team of dedicated craftsmen at ZET furniture joined it sturdy back together.

For Marc pushing the boundaries is what makes the process of designing fascinating and rewarding. A team effort is needed to create a remarkable product that stands out.

The EPIC family is the result of that quest. The collection comes in oak and can be partly upholstered (seat) or painted in color, offering a world of possibilities.

Visit for more information and availability or download the EPIC brochure here.

The EPIC chair family is available through several ZET-dealers. You'll find a place near you on their website: www.zet.furnitureor for the Netherlands.

Download the EPIC brochure here.

For extra information about the EPIC gamma or support please use the contact-form. I'm willing to help you obtain your EPIC chair.

3D Warehouse - SketchUp
Like to add the EPIC to your home or project?
Download the 3D file here.

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EPIC in a restaurant setting
EPIC dining and EPIC lounge
EPIC introduction in Milan - Masterly
Detail of the distinctive back of the EPIC chair