Marc van der Voorn

Dine table

Dine table

for ignore - 2021

My latest contribution to the ignore collection: Dine, a full linoleum table. The linoleum seems to be coming straight off the roll.

Tabletop and base are in sync color. The Dine table comes in two standard, and nineteen custom colors, and is available in three sizes.

Furniture design with an architectural feel, exclusively designed for ignore.

Material: linoleum
Sizes: ⌀130 x 76 cm (W x H)
Sizes: ⌀140 x 76 cm (W x H)
Sizes: ⌀150 x 76 cm (W x H)
Brand: ignore

For more information or to buy the Dine table online visit: ignore

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Dine - round table
Detail of the linoleum wrap
Dine in anthracite